Relic Wood Job Application

Here is some important info about our company you should know before you apply. Relic Wood is a small Veteran Owned family business and we operate our business with integrity towards our customers and employees. Here we live by the motto, “We do not lie, cheat, or steal . . . or tolerate any among us who do” and we work hard every single day physically and mentally as we strive for perfection and complete customer satisfaction in our work. Can you dig it? Great. Listed below are the positions we are currently accepting application for immediate hire.

Now Hiring – Hardware Installer

This hardware installation position requires a steady hand, training of employee to acquire intimate knowledge of every products hardware requirements, using handheld pneumatic drills and drivers, excellent attention to small details, and the ability to read and follow special instructions on order sheets. This is a fast paced and physically challenging position.

Relic Wood Job Application
Please include School Names / Years Enrolled / Diplomas / Degrees
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Check all equipment that you are proficient using and understand how to safely operate.